Alessandro Baris is an italian american musician, composer and electronic music producer, raised in Italy in the country side of a small town called Esperia. His grandmother was from Utica, New York, and his grand grandfather was from Cincinnati, Ohio. His childhood was deeply connected with nature silence as well as sounds surrounding him which later on had a strong influence on his music feel and aptitude.
At his early teenage he was introduced to music learning drums while a few years later he also learned guitar and got graduated in electronic music and sound production at the Conservatory of Music and RAI in Florence.
His works and style are detailed and evocative, melancholic and tense with love for experimentation and an instinctive and personal approach across a variety of genres.
Founder of the post rock/electronic band Comfort in 2000 with which has released three critically acclaimed records over a decade, in 2010 his collaboration with electronic music researcher Leonello Tarabella gave life to the project Collisions led by a unique gesture recognition interactive technology for live electronics. The duo has released a self titled dvd and the short music film Masses and Sea Motions and it has performed at most of italian electronic music festivals such as Robot in Bologna, Dancity in Foligno, and Electropark in Genova amongst others and it has participated to Tedx in Luxembourg and Arezzo.
After two years of Italy/U.S. long distance collaboration with his half brother Joseph Desler Costa, 2014 sees the release of mellow shoegaze record Other Summers (Saint Marie records) under the name  Young Boy.
His love for instrumental music brought his work to merge with other arts such as contemporary dance and silent cinema. Since 2007 indeed he has regularly performed live soundtracks for silent movies such as Voyage dans la lune (Meliès), Metropolis (Fritz Lang), Der Golem (Wegener), Faust (Murnau), The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dreyer) amongst others and he’s been awarded for his soundtrack renditions of Un Chien Andaloù (Bunuel/Dalì) at Moviemento festival in Naples and Berlin Symphony of a Great City (Ruttmann) at Rimusicazioni festival in Bolzano released with berlin’s music collective The Somnambulist. Today Alessandro Baris continues to work as a live soundtracks composer and performer and leads a trio with saxophonist Beppe Scardino and double bassist Gabriele Evangelista with which he performs live music on the movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari   (Wiene).
His versatility as a performer and composer has won him attention from other musicians and bands with which he has later collaborated such as americans L’ Altra, Lisa Papineau and Pulseprogramming, berliners The Somnambulist and Italians Kiddycar, Andrea Carboni, C’mon Tigre, Caboto, Bad Sector performing live in the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Canary Islands, The Netherlands.
In 2018 he has composed and performed music for Gold Mass debut album Transitions and co-produced it with scottish producer Paul Savage (Mogwai, Arab Strap, Franz Ferdinand).
Since 2008 a special support to his work, creativity and sound has came from his endorsement with UFIP cymbals.
Alessandro is currently working on his first solo record.