Das Cabinet der Dr Caligari (Robert Wiene, 1920) is the symbol of German Expressionist Cinema and it is considered the first horror movie ever. It explores the theme of doubles and the border in between reality and hallucination/imagination that has inspired even a more recent movie such as Shutter Island by Martin Scorzese. The live soundtrack performed by Alessandro Baris, Beppe Scardino (C’mon Tigre, Calibro 35) and Gabriele Evangelista (Rava, Bollani,Tim Berne), it is based on a succession of crescendo and decrescendo of odd and tense Jazz moments alternated with dark and minimal electronics underlining the two states of mind of reality and hallucination described in the movie.

The work has been commissioned by Arsenale Cinema in Pisa and later hosted by Monk in Roma, Lumiere Pisa with the support of Goethe Institute and Soundscreen Film festival in Ravenna amongst others.


Alessandro Baris :: drums, electronics  

Beppe Scardino :: baritone sax, electronics

Gabriele Evangelista :: doublebass


booking mail to Margherita Monti at caligarisoundtrack@gmail.com