“Embers“ feat. Emma Nolde is out today exclusively on Alessandro Baris Bandcamp store.
It’s the second single taken from the album “Sintesi”. 

“Embers” was part of the embryonic material of the album – it is a sort of floating sound metaphor of a body that initially hardly breathes and when it seems to give up, it recovers and overcomes its weakness. Emma’s vocals fitted perfectly to the emotional scenario of the song creating a beautiful final crescendo where her voice sounds like a return to life.
Alessandro Baris

During quarantine of April 2020, when Alessandro asked me to collaborate on his song “Embers”, I was experiencing apocalyptic feelings. Right before lock down I had the luck to meet a person who changed me deeply and I was  afraid to lose that connection because of the forced distance. The music of Alessandro changed my point of view, showing me the beauty. It had such a strong impact on me -“At least I found someone before the end…” – I wrote that as a person who is grateful to have experienced a beautiful thing that could end remaining as it is. As usual music fixes your mood and changes your perception of things, especially when it touches you so much.
Emma Nolde